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What Does a Chartered Building Surveyor Do?

A Chartered Building Surveyor has specialist knowledge of how buildings and their materials work and how problems may occur in a building.

A Chartered Building Surveyor may be involved in the design of a new building or the repair, alteration or refurbishment of an existing one, including contract works.

An experienced Chartered Building Surveyor specialising in building surveys and defects analysis will be able to identify a defect, its cause, a suitable repair and the practicality of the repair in terms of time and cost.

Typical types of work undertaken:-

  • Party Wall
  • Building Surveys
  • Defects Analysis
  • Planned maintenance and repair/maintenance contracts
  • Refurbishment, new build and alterations to buildings
  • Dilapidations



Construction and property law matters including:-

  1. Notices and awards for works to party (shared) walls and structures (ceilings/floors) between properties
  2. Specifications and schedules of work, drawing up and running of building contracts, to achieve GOOD construction quality at agreed cost
  3. Health and safety appointments under the CDM Regulations (where a new building is to be constructed, or alterations/repairs undertaken to an existing one)
  4.  Dilapidations (the repairing terms set out in a lease between a landlord and tenant) including schedules of condition, interim and final schedules of dilapidation