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Repair and Refurbishment



The Essentials to Maintenance, Repairs and Refurbishment

A well maintained building is a less expensive one. A neglected building costs more. Maintenance is simpler and cheaper if the building is inspected properly and regularly and kept in good repair.

The Trouble is the Damp

The prevention of damp ingress is essential to the good condition of any building. Roof coverings, gutters, down pipes, drains, masonry, render, timbers, paintwork and internal finishes on larger buildings, including those in multiple occupation, should all be inspected by a chartered building surveyor experienced in buildings and their materials. Structural failure may occur to load bearing timbers that become too wet. Foundations can be seriously damaged by broken or blocked drains.

Planned Maintenance

The freeholder of an estate of properties, or a block of flats in multiple occupation, should arrange for a property inspection of the main external areas and the common internal areas (including services) at least every 5-7 years. For larger properties or estates it is recommended that a planned maintenance programme be prepared with items for repair prioritised over a number of years. This may take the future form of more than one contract.

For the more modest building, an inspection, to highlight the repairs required in a report to follow, with likely budget costs, is a useful tool to enable a property owner to plan for the future. It then enables a schedule of works or full specification of works to be prepared which can then be sent out to tender. If sufficient funds are available for the contract to be undertaken then the works can be supervised on site and the cost controlled under an appropriate form of building contract.

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 Refurbishment and Alteration/Extension Works

Accurate plans and a detailed specification of work, which complies with current British Standards, Building Regulations and Statutory Regulations (where applicable). This will ensure that the works are carried out to a good standard. The work may require the professional services of more than one specialist.

At CLR Associates Ltd we aim to provide a one-shop service with a Chartered Building Surveyor overseeing the proposed scheme every step of the way from design stage, specification, tendering, supervising the works on site, cost control and the final account.

Note the design stage may involve an application for Planning or Conservation Consent and Building Regulation approval from the local authority planning, conservation and building control departments. Building Regulation approval may be dealt with by an Approved Inspector, appointed by the Client, instead of the local authority Building Control department.

Additional monies should only be spent with the Client’s authority and the building works undertaken by suitably experienced contractors who have sufficient and knowledgable manpower to undertake the proposed works.

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